The DigiDECOM Organizing Committee is excited to announce that registration for the 2024 event of the DigiDECOM Community, a Spring School in Barcelona, is officially open!

DigiDecom 2024


Event Details:

Date: March 18-22, 2024

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Registration Link: REGISTRATION to DigiDECOM Spring School


The Spring School is suitable for those interested in an overview of the state of the art and trends, more technical detail through longer lectures, discussions and technology demonstrations, and learning about AI, data & robotics in the nuclear and other domains as part of their study. DigiDECOM24 offers technical tour & lectures at the Vandellós I (insights in dismantling process of the plant, and a series of lectures on national dismantling programs of different countries) and Barcelona Supercomputing Centre (BSC).

The lectures will be provided by professionals and experts from various institutions who are also active in the nuclear or other industries. Demonstrations from real-life projects will be provided by IFE and partners organizations representing the front line of a holistic approach to safety in the realms of nuclear science, AI, data, and robotics.


Join us for an enriching experience where you can:

  • Gain insights into the latest trends and advancements in AI, data, and robotics, especially in the nuclear domain
  • Participate in in-depth lectures and discussions covering technical details
  • Explore real-life project demonstrations from our partners, including IFE, iUS, and others
  • Enjoy technical tours and lectures at Vandellós I and BSC
  • Obtain professional certificates upon request, with potential study credits through the University of Oslo (UiO)



  • Engage with expert speakers actively involved in the nuclear and other industries.
  • Experience demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies like HADRON Hazard Aware Digitalization and Robotics.
  • Benefit from insights into the dismantling process at Vandellós I and national dismantling programs of different countries.
  • Collaborate with young professionals and students seeking valuable learning opportunities.

We are reminding you that DigiDECOM’s scope extends to commissioning, maintenance and lifecycle management, and extends to other (than nuclear) domains where radiological and other hazards may impact human health, the environment or sensitive components.