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The need to develop competence related to decommissioning is becoming increasingly clear, and in the future the need for new technology and specialist knowledge will increase rapidly.


DigiDecom 2023

- AI, data and robotics driven transformation for sustainable decommissioning in nuclear and other industries.

International workshop with a focus on digital transformation, robotics and other cutting-edge trends in nuclear decommissioning, dismantling and waste management.

Date: October 24-26
Location: Helsinki/Espoo (Hybrid event)

The main goal of the cluster

  • Jobs

    Create new jobs and sustainable development so that Norway can take a leading position in decommissioning.

  • Education

    Contribute to an increased focus on the need in education, competence development needs and ensure relevant recruitment of competent employees for the players in the industry.

  • Nutrition

    Contribute to existing industry being able to assist in decommissioning and development of new industry to cover the need in decommissioning and reuse.

  • Knowledge

    Transfer knowledge from nuclear decommissioning to other industries that also need the decommissioning of other industries.

  • Competence

    Make Norwegian companies capable of exporting expertise and technology in an international market.

  • Penta helix

    Develop a sustainable cluster that represents the entire penta helix and a long-term plan for financing.

  • Collaborative development

    International impact through collaborative development. The members get access to contacts, capital, expertise and are given visibility via national and international projects and networks.

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Stian Melhus