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DECOM – Decommissioning and Repurposing

The need to develop competence related to decommissioning is becoming increasingly clear, and in the future the need for new technology and specialist knowledge will increase rapidly.

The Halden environment has built expertise to meet the challenges that the decommissioning of the nuclear reactors will entail, and is already a leader in this area in a national, and in many cases also international, context. The development within DECOM has meant that both public and private businesses demand an adapted framework and clear processes with the right procedure, specialist knowledge and technology to restore the soil and nature to their natural state to the extent that this is justifiable.

Through a project-oriented approach, the cluster will focus on using newly developed and existing technology that can accelerate decommissioning, and then apply this in new industries, develop new technology, create sustainable commercialization nationally and internationally, competence development, cluster cooperation and common good projects, which the individual cannot promise yourself. The cluster will have businesses and partners locally (Halden), regionally, nationally and internationally. In 2021, the cluster received support from Viken County Municipality to do the initial work to assess the basis for such a cluster, and is hereby applying for continued support for the work after receiving a good response from stakeholders who represent the entire "penta helix".



  • Target groups

    Target groups are private business, from start-up companies with new technology, to SMEs that are involved in decommissioning, consulting engineering companies, public bodies responsible for decommissioning, research institutes and academia.

  • Increased value creation

    The project will provide increased value creation by contributing to the emergence of new green industries and innovative technology that will secure and establish new jobs in Viken

  • Strengthen the innovation system

    The project will strengthen the innovation system within decommissioning by commercializing research results, contributing to service innovation and supplier development.

  • Circular economy

    The project focuses on contributing to a circular economy where this is natural, but also ensuring competence to take care of, for example, hazardous waste in the correct way and ensure that this is not taken back into a circular way of thinking.

  • Create clusters and business networks

    The project also delivers directly on the criterion of creating clusters and developing business networks, and that these should represent the entire "penta helix".

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